Peanut Butter Filled Protein Muffins


Nutritional Information

Recipe makes approximately 8 servings. Each muffin is 189 calories, and contains 7 g of protein!

Additional Resources


Since I’ve gotten into hiking it’s been a struggle to find recipes that can keep you full for hours without sacrificing taste. Out of everything I have tried, this recipe is my all time favorite. I adapted Chocolate Covered Katie’s Banana Blender Muffins to give it a creamy peanut butter center, and an extra gram of protein. This recipe is so good that I’m willing to include it in any trip, and eat it in my daily life. (We all know that there are some foods that only good when you are exhausted and starving). While the ingredient list looks a little intimidating, it only takes about 45 minutes to make and it’s well worth the effort!

Filling ingredients

½ cup Peanut butter

Powdered sugar to taste

Muffin ingredients

½ cup instant oats

¾ tsp baking powder

¼ tsp salt

1/8 tsp baking soda

1 ripe banana

1 can garbanzo beans

¼ cup peanut butter

¼ cup honey

2 tsp vanilla extract

Optional variations

Brandon and Bailey both love chocolate so I added chocolate chips to half of the batch, and 1/3 cup of Nutella to half of the filling.




  • Mix peanut butter and powdered sugar in a mixing bowl. Once you are happy with how sweet the filling is, use a tablespoon to transfer scoops onto a cookie sheet.
  • Leave the scoops in the freezer until they are hard enough to lift from the cookie sheet.


  • Place all ingredients into a food processor, or blender.
  • Mix until the mixture has reached a creamy consistency.


  • Preheat the oven to 350 F
  • Spoon approximately 1 tbs of the muffin mixture into the muffin cups (the mixture should be able to cover the bottom of the cups but not fill the entire space).
  • Press the frozen spoonfulls of peanut butter filling (or the peanut butter/ Nutella filling!) on top of the tbs of the uncooked muffin mixture.
  • Fill the remaining space in the muffin cups with the muffin mix
  • Bake the mixture for 15-20 minutes
  • Let the muffins set for approximately 20 minutes until they reach a firmer consistency!



The final consistency will be more similar to that of cookie dough than a traditional muffin. I always pack them in Tupperware containers for hikes to keep them from being crushed!

Make sure to check out Chocolate Covered Katie for the original recipe!