Y Mount


Location- East of the Brigham Young University Campus.

Expected time4 hours            (That’s how long it took us with snow, you might be able to do it faster later in the season.)

Gear neededNone! Earlier in the season it might be nice to have snowshoes or Yaktrax , but they aren’t necessary.

Difficulty– If you have any experience with backpacking this is a perfect day trip. It’s a workout, but not too hard.

Length– ~7.1 Miles out and back (~3.5 miles each way)

Altitude Gained3,340ft which equates to about 1,000ft of gain per mile. You can see from the elevation map I took with my Garmin that it’s pretty consistent the entire way.


Would I recommend it– If you live in the Provo area, or if you are a die hard BYU fan this hike is worth doing. I wouldn’t however, drive from out of state to try it.

Food and water- We each brought two water bottles each, a snack, and a lunch. Again, this is a day hike and doesn’t require much preparation.

Like every University, BYU has their own rights of passage. One of our most well known is hiking up to the stone Y on the mountain closest to campus. When Bailey and I were 18 years old and overly energetic we did it 11 times over the course of our freshman year, and honestly it is one of my least favorite hikes. It’s steep, full of switchbacks, and the view from the Y is identical to the view from the parking lot. As I have gotten more into hiking within the last three years I have had several friends encourage me to continue the trail past the Y. I have refused every time, and opted instead to drive three hours south to hike anywhere that isn’t the Y. This weekend however, I was stressed beyond belief and I desperately needed to go on a hike. Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough time to travel anywhere which meant that I needed to find something local. When Brandon suggested that we hike Y mountain I hesitantly agreed, and I’m so glad I did! The portion up to the Y is difficult, and not very interesting, but as soon as you get past the first half the view is beautiful!


The Trail just past the Y
View of the Canyon just past the Y

It only gets better as the hike goes on. Overall the hike took us about 4 hours, and because we went in March the last hour of hiking to the summit was through snow. Throughout the day we mentioned that it might have been nice to have some sort of snowshoe/Yaktrax, but we could definitely do it without any gear at all especially if you don’t go in mid march 🙂

Snow in between the two peaks

The trail is pretty straight forward, you park in the Y trail parking lot, hike to the top of the Y and then look for the trail the heads south along the face of the mountain from the top left fork of the Y. Then you head up the trail for another ~1.5 miles and look for a fork veering of to your left. Someone kindly carved a big Y with an arrow next to it to help show you where to go. You then head up this trail until the point in the picture above where it divides. You can either go left or right. The peak towards the looks over Provo and is comparable to the view from the Y. The peak on the right looks over Utah Lake. Both take between 5 and 10 minutes to climb, and both are gorgeous The snow on the peak to the right was a little deeper because of where the sun hits the mountain, but because it was warm outside the snow didn’t bother us at all.

View of Utah lake


View of the east side of Y Mountain
Another view of the east side from the peak of Y Mount

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