Provo Utah- Slate Canyon


Location: East of the Brigham Young University Campus, opposite of Y Mount.

Expected timeWe generally do this as an overnight trip starting around 5 pm, and ending at about noon the following day.

Gear needed: Normal overnight gear; backpacks, sleeping bags, tents, etc.

Length: 2.8 mi

Altitude gained: ~2500 feet

Would I recomend it:  Yes…. for experienced backpackers. It is a beautiful trip, but if this is your very first backpacking experience it may give you a bad impression of the sport.

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           A few weeks ago Bailey mentioned on Instagram that Brandon and I (@madylinejs) got married. We have been married for a little more than two months now, and I thought now would be a good time to tell you about the hike that we were on when we started dating. Don’t worry though, this is still a hike review! I won’t bore you with all of our relationship details.                                                     This was right about the time that we were making the transition from hikers to backpackers, and I had just bought my first ever backpack. We wanted a chance to adjust to the gear while still being close to home (just in case it turned out that we were in terrible shape, and wanted to turn back early.) Brandon did some research and found a hike local to us (all three of us were living in Provo Utah at the time.) He decided on slate canyon, which is located on the opposite side of Y Mount.                                                                                            There is a clearing three miles from the base of the trail so we thought that it would be a great short hike to test out our gear. For the record, it was not. Just getting us to the clearing was three straight miles of constant elevation gain. Adding gear for the first time made it a very intense workout. Once we arrived however, we had the entire meadow to ourselves. We built a fire in the premade fire pit, and spent the evening recovering from the hike.                  The next morning we hiked up the Provo peak turnoff, and then back down the Y trail. It was a tough hike, but everything else seemed easy in comparison for the rest of the season. Even though, it was difficult it’s still one of our favorite local overnight trips. We did it again last weekend to get ready for the height of backpacking season this year. It was still tough, but still beautiful. We saw less than a dozen people on the trail, and we had the clearing to ourselves again. We were even lucky enough to see a moose this time!

What makes it easy: This isn’t a very long trip, so even though we always end up getting really worn out we can go home an recuperate for the rest of the weekend. Also, the centralized clearing is a huge perk. It comes when we are in desperate need of a break, and there have always been a handful of fallen trees that we can use for firewood. Also, because the trip is so short you don’t have to pack in as much food.

What makes it hard: It’s a lot of elevation gain over a very short distance which is really hard on your body.

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