Savannah Bluffs Heritage Reserve-The Savannah River Bluffs Overlook


Location: The Savannah Bluffs Heritage Reserve is located in North Augusta, South Carolina; just over the Georgia border. The hike that we did was at the end of Old Plantation Road.

Time: It took us about two hours, including a half hour of wading.

Gear needed: Nothing but a water bottle, and maybe some water shoes!

Length: 2 miles

Difficulty: 1 out of 10. This is an exceptionally easy hike with no noticeable elevation gain, making it perfect for families. The path is unpaved with lots of tree roots, so it is not stroller friendly.

Would I recommend it: Definitely! This hike is very representative of Georgia/ South Carolina wildlife, and perfect for all audiences. If you had family visiting from out of town this is the hike that I would recommend.

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